4 Ways to Stay Connected while Maintaining Social Distance

“Social distancing” and “stay at home” are phrases we hear these past few weeks more often than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic, has now reached a scale that made it comparable to World War 2 in terms of chaos made all over the world. Every affected nation is indeed at war and the best defense available as of yet lies on the collective effort of each one of us to practice proper hygiene and isolation. While we are in the midst of this fight against an invisible enemy, how do we stay connected with our family and friends?

Just a few weeks into this battle, we have already seen the many creative ways by which people can be even more connected while they stay at home. Here are the 4 ways by which people are managing to stay connected during this time of social distancing:

Phone calls and text messages. Old fashioned telephone calls and texts proved to still be useful, especially when checking on relatives or family members staying in another city. Knowing how they are and letting them know we are thinking about them make our circumstances a little more bearable.

Social media. Thanks also to social media, now we can remain sociable even if we just stay within the comfort of our own bedroom. This technological breakthrough of the recent decade has proven to be a powerful tool that saved us from ultimate boredom and disconnection from the outside world. We can still monitor what is happening around us by looking at our newsfeed, let people know that we care by reacting to their posts and have our opinions heard by posting comments and statuses.

Messaging apps. Several messaging apps allow us to communicate to friends and families through chat and video calls for unlimited number of hours, as long as we are connected to the internet. Other than enabling people to work from home, video conferencing apps like Skype or Zoom also enable friends to keep in touch. Now we see people sharing a meal or a drink through these video conferencing platforms.

Throwback photos. Aside from these digital connection and messaging capabilities that internet allows us to have, as cheesy as it may sound, people remain connected as well by looking back at wonderful memories and shared experiences. We see throwback pictures being posted left and right in Facebook. A lot of Instagram users are uploading photos from their past events or last trip to the beach. Many are spending their time digging up old photos as looking at them enable us to somehow re-live those moments. We look at the smiles from familiar faces and it instantly gives us hope that we will soon bounce back and have the chance to make more memories with them. This hope allows us to think ahead and plan what we want to do next right after this pandemic is over.

At One Click Events, we advise our clients to remain hopeful and use the time they have now to actually plan for their future events. We make sure our website is updated so that people can visit and view several event options during their idle time. For instance, not a lot of people know that there are a number of set-up options when choosing the perfect photobooth for their events. Now that we have come to appreciate the value of capturing magical moments in printable or soft copy photos, this event add-on may just make more sense to be included when considering party details and requirements.

If there is one thing this pandemic is teaching us, that is the value of time that we spend with our loved ones. Now that we have the chance to pause and take a break from our usual daily schedules, let us reconnect to the most important people in our lives. Let us turn this difficult situation around by still making the most out of it. We wish everyone to be healthy and well during this challenging time. Stay safe, stay at home. We will win this battle soon!

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