5 Practical Ideas on How to Store Your Photobooth Pictures

We miss photoboothing, and we know you do too! While we seldom go to parties (or allowed to have one) these days, we are thankful for the prints we have collected from previous events that at least allow us to re-live those joyful moments.

With the emergence of photobooths as a popular event must-have, we know by now almost every household would have at least one photobooth print, tucked in somewhere. You surely have random photobooth pictures from a neighbor’s birthday some years ago, an officemate’s birthday earlier this year or a friend’s wedding few months back. Over the years we all have collected a number of pictures from all the photobooths we have been to, some of them we know have duplicates kept by friends or family who appear in the same photos.

Now that we have some much needed break from our usual busy schedules and we long to see smiling faces once again so we go through our photobooth pix collection, are you having troubles looking for the ones you remember you had but could not locate at the moment? How often have you misplaced your favorite prints? While we go through these photos for some sort of a walk down memory lane, we can as well organize them so that it will be easier for us to review them next time. Here are some practical ways to store your photobooth collections:

Photo Album

Oh yes, the traditional photo album is a great way to keep all your photobooth collection together. While initially, prints from photobooth may stand on their own, you will soon realize you have gathered more than a handful that you now need to store them all together lest you lose some or they get mixed with clutter. In choosing the album, we suggest you go for the “magnetic” one so you won’t have to ditch away those colorful frames that go with each photobooth print.

Scrap Book

If you are more of an artsy and you find cutting and pasting colorful papers a form of therapy or stress-reliever, then scrap booking your photobooth prints will be the best way for you to put them together. The colorful frames from different parties or events where those photos were collected from will even serve as instant decoration for your scrap book. This will also work best for prints that are in different sizes and orientation, as scrap book allows you to place them in a page overlapping with each other or as a collage of photos.

Fridge Magnets

A lot of photobooth collectors go for the magnetic prints. Some are even creative enough to turn regular prints to magnetic ones by taping a small magnetic sheet at the back. This is so they can attach them right away to their fridge along with other magnetic collectibles. It is also a very practical way to store your photo collection as you can always see them every day in your kitchen.

Pins and Cork Boards

For those who want to keep their photobooth prints in their office cubicle or work stations, pins and cork boards will work the magic for you. Line up your collections or put one on top of the other using pins on a corkboard, rather than spreading them all over your cube walls. This way, you retain your workstation clutter-free while having your photos still on full display.

Memory Box

Finally, for least effort but best result, you can have a memory box dedicated only for your photobooth prints. Make sure the box is thick enough to allow for more photos you surely will add in the near future. Other than keeping those happy memories altogether in a box, opening it once in a while can be a family bonding activity or can serve as entertainment for guests coming over.

However you choose to store your photobooth prints, we are quite sure you will have fun just by simply going over them and remembering the fun you had in each and every event. From all of us here at One Click Events, we miss you and we are looking forward to sharing the photobooth fun again with you soonest! Keep safe and stay healthy!

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