6 Outdoor Party Ideas to Try on Your Next Event

We have been receiving inquiries and bookings for a number of outdoor events and we know just how challenging it is to plan and prepare a party al fresco style. So we have compiled some great ideas from what we have seen our clients do during outdoor parties to keep the crowd entertained, which you can also try on your next outdoor gatherings.



A Piñata is a traditional Mexican party staple and popularly played worldwide during children’s party. It is a decorated papier-mache or clay pot container with candies or toys inside and is broken during the celebration by hitting it with wooden stick. Guests can then feast on the contents once they flow out from the piñata. Recently, we have seen it used not just during kids birthday party but even in grown-up events.

One of the advantages of having a piñata is that it can be decorated according to your party theme. This makes it an additional accent to your party venue. The way it is played also invites people to gather around it, so it becomes an instant bonding activity.

Live Music with a DJ


Having an amazing sound system and good music in the background makes dancing under the moonlight a fantastic experience during an outdoor event. The right beats and echoing sound will surely invite your guest to dance to the music and bring your party together in a lively manner.

What makes it amazing when done outdoors? It gives everyone that concert at the park feeling that is carefree and young and energetic.

Giant Games


One of the most popular outdoor activities these days during events are the Giant Games. Playing board games might be fun for a few, but magnifying that activity and bringing it outdoors are a sure hit to many.

At One Click Events, we offer the Giant Jenga and Connect 4 for lawn games. We have seen how kids and adults alike enjoyed gathering around these giant wooden games and play in a friendly competition. They provide entertainment not just for those playing but even for the onlookers.

Light Up Letters and Numbers


The outdoor games are best paired up with Light Up Letters and Numbers, for astonishing visuals to complete your lawn display. They not only compliment the size of the games, they also give an extra boost to the party venue. They also serve as perfect back drop for souvenir photos.



Another great outdoor activity are the inflatables. There are many available options like jumping castle, giant slide, sticky wall, Lego, fire truck and many more that can go well with your chosen party theme. With these inflatables, it would not matter if you are doing the party in your backyard or any open space, as long as there is enough space for the inflatables, you can transform the venue into a happy play place.

Open Air Photo Booth


We just could not exclude open air photo booth on this list. We have missed \”photoboothing\” for quite some time and the fun and pleasure it brings to any event are simply unmatched. With the use of handheld props now along with animated ones, working on your final photo printout yourself is surely a delightful booth experience.

We hope you get an idea or two from those we have listed above. Always remember that while we enjoy celebrating with family and friends, we shall still practice social distancing and other precautionary measures in order for everyone to stay safe and healthy after a day of fun and celebration. At One Click Events, we continue to practice safety measures in line with the Covid-19 Plan we put in place in all our operations.

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