Australia’s Party Scene – What’s Popular in 2022?

It feels good to be writing this kind of article, after almost 2 years of talking about how the pandemic affected the events industry. Finally, we are now back to having social gatherings and celebrating milestones, face to face! How much did we miss our inner party animal selves and what are the trends in the 2022 events scene? That is quite an exciting topic to discuss!

With over a hundred events we participated in for the first five months of the year alone, we have seen a number of party must haves in Australia, both the staple ones and the new demands. We have catered and continuously receive inquiries for certain events services that are gaining popularity as people gradually but excitedly go back to organizing social events. If you are planning to have a party real soon, this list of 2022 events scene trends might help you to either get an idea about which items to include in your checklist; or which ones you should reserve way ahead of time as they might get fully-booked fast.

Light Up Numbers and Letters


Flowers and balloons have always been popular as venue decors. But recently, a growing number of clients would include Light Up Numbers and Letters for a more picturesque display. They are no longer just a good-to-have add on. The light up display has been one of our mostly booked item this year for its versatility in terms of blending with any theme, the easy and simple set-up requirements and its overall impact to the venue. No matter how simple or basic you want it to be, or how grand and elegant the rest of your decors are, the light up display will never get out of place. These are the main reasons why more and more clients these days consider having light up numbers or letters instead of the usual venue decors.

Temporary Air Brush Tattoo Station


Whether it is a community event, a graduation party, student gatherings, birthday or bat mitzvah, kids or adults celebrations, the temporary air brush tattoo station has been gaining a lot of attention and demand. It is a great source of entertainment and interactions from attendees. It allows guests to show their creativity, reveal something about their personality and bond with other guests over shared interests. It is popular for guests of all ages especially because of how “instagrammable” most tattoo designs are. If you are looking for an activity that will keep most of your guests occupied during your event, this might be a great option for you.

GIF Booth


Now that we mentioned “instagrammable” designs, let us see what is trending in social media. With Tiktok, Reels and Youtube Shorts, social media has evolved from pure stills and long videos to short, quick-to-watch, eye-catching short videos. This is exactly the reason why Gif Booths are now more popular than it used to. It being readily uploadable to social media, real-time, makes it perfect for today’s party goers. Shorts and reels are more likely to gain more attention and put your event posts into the list of trending topics online.

Customized Backdrop and Photobooth Props


While flowerwalls and themed backdrops are still as popular as ever, there seems to be an increasing preference for customized backdrop. It does not just serve as photo wall, it can also be the event signage. Since it is customized, the design possibilities are limitless. In a similar way, customizing photobooth props give your photos a more personal touch. It gives every photo a feel of being made specially for that event. Customized backdrop and props are commonly being requested for milestone events, weddings and special celebrations.

Mug Booth


Speaking of photobooths, they have been and we know for sure will stay to be (for a long time), the number one event entertainment option. The good news is, there are quite a lot of reputable providers in Australia now and you will never run out of photobooth for your event. However, while they are undoubtedly entertaining, event organizers always look for a new flavor, something that will make the photobooth experience unique from what they may have seen already from previous events. This is the reason why One Click Events, in its tradition of offering innovative photobooth experience, came up with the first and only Mug Booth in Australia, last year. It kept the entertaining aspects of colorful props and attractive backdrops. In addition, it offers on-site printing on souvenir mugs. This makes all print-outs not just memorable but also a practical and functional must keep.

Which ones made it to your wishlist? Whether you are planning an event for yourself or for someone else, we might be able to help you. Visit our IG or FB pages or chat with us in our website. The fun part of the party starts as early as the planning stage. Enjoy your party planning!

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