When we started offering light up letters and numbers over a couple of years ago, we did so because we felt they were the missing piece (that we were all so unaware was missing) to complete the look of our flower walls and other backdrops. Their presence can automatically light up the mood of the venue. They are never out of place regardless of the theme and no matter how many other visuals there are in the room. Little did we know that what started as an additional accent will have a moment of its own and will become one of the most popular and sought-after party hire options that they are now.

So what’s up with light-up letters and numbers? What makes their presence so popular and special in the party scenes?

First of all, they have the size. They are big and with that size, it is hard for them to get unnoticed. Along with the size is the glow. They are big and glowing on their own and that definitely warrants attention in a crowded venue such as parties or social events.

Next, they have the “wow” factor. Guests usually get amazed every time these light up letters or numbers greet them. People would flock around them and take souvenir photos. They are definitely chic and trendy—instagrammable in the words of this socmed generation. Open your IG newsfeed and it is highly probable that you will see them in every event photo. They are magnificent for silhouette photos or long shot photos outdoors.

Silhouette shot-ready of Light-up Letters for a wedding reception

On the practical side, they are easy to set-up. They do not require high maintenance and delicate handling. As long as there is a power plug available nearby, you make them stand in the corner or at the very center of the venue and they will surely serve the purpose of making their presence seen and felt. They will never be too much or too little for any set-up, always just right to appropriately give life to the venue without overpowering other visuals.

We mentioned their presence is never out of place, and that is because they do not choose an occasion. The light up letters come in handy to represent the initials of the couple for a wedding reception. The numbers highlight a debutant or any birthday celebrant’s age or even dates, that basically is the reason for the celebration. Corporate events also use light up letters to display relevant rally messages such as “Go”, “In Action”, “Level Up”, “Fun” and the likes. We have also seen families and groups use them for new year’s parties, anniversaries and other milestones.

Our Light-up letters on a Valentine’s Day event

Lastly, they are usually deep and personal. We have witnessed how the letters and numbers are chosen by clients for their meaning and sentimental reasons. They do not just stand in the venue for mere display but also as symbols that make everyone relate to and remember the occasion that they have been part of.

Our Light-up Number for 75th birthday celebration

If you are contemplating about having them for your next event, we highly recommend that you do so. The overall impact and memorability they will bring to your party will be worth it.

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More of our actual events photos with Light-up Letters and Numbers below:

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