Cheers to 2021!

It is a new year, a new beginning and we all just went through a tough year that was 2020. For that alone, we can give each other a pat on the back for making it through and hope for a better, healthier 2021!

Since it is practically a new chapter, a fresh page and a new chance to do (and re-do) anything and everything that will be on our plate this year, how do we make sure we remain on the positive and happy side of the planet? We have listed down some of the most common new year’s resolutions of all time in high hopes that our readers can pick up some that they can successfully commit to starting this year or even beyond.

Declutter and organize.

A well-organized closet, kitchen, study, work station or garage is something that a lot of people want to achieve. Every new year, we would make a promise to ourselves that we will be more organized and start decluttering. In fact, Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author, became so popular about a couple of years ago for the KonMari method of decluttering.

Aside from putting away the unnecessary stuff, organizing those that you chose to stay is another important part of it. Shelf organizers, uniform storage boxes or baskets and a big deal of sorting will be required. We have seen some people even label their items and storage boxes which would later help to find things that you need faster.


Why is decluttering and organizing a good new year’s resolution? Because it will help you let go of things that you do not really need, of broken and unfixable elements in your own space and potentially of anything that attracts negativity.

Live healthy.

Be it engaging in sports, eating healthier food or balancing work, rest and recreation—having a healthier lifestyle is something worth a serious commitment as we age each year. How many of you went to some gastronomic adventures during the recent holidays then watched as your weight went beyond what you feel comfortable with? Or were you on the other side of the spectrum for the whole of last year, when there were days that you forgot to eat as you work for straight hours and not even realizing that your day has turned into night already? This year, try considering having a right balanced diet. You may even surprise yourself on how differently pleasant it can make you feel.

Being active, playing sports or engaging in some simple workouts also help bring out happy hormones called endorphins. So you might also want to consider giving those limbs and muscles some good exercise. At the same time, check your sleeping patterns. Are you getting enough sleep or are you stretching yourself too much? Know when your body has reached its limits and give in to rest and sleep.


Why is living healthy a good new year’s resolution? Because you are not getting any younger and each year is an opportunity to feel better in what you eat and to give your body what it needs to be stronger and healthier.

Start saving.

Now is probably the time to spend wiser, start saving and maybe even invest if there are opportunities. Saving is something that you can start small, every little penny that you save today will contribute to bigger amount in the future.

First step to improving your money saving techniques is to look at your spending. How much are you spending on things that you do not actually use or enjoy? How else can you cut your expenses yet retain a certain level of lifestyle? Maybe you need to stop receiving notifications from your online shopping app? Setting your priorities and budgeting may help, but a strong desire to save is still the key to successfully start and grow your savings.

Why is saving a good new year’s resolution? Because it makes you prepare for the future and it provides a bit of safety net for any unforeseen need for additional funds.

Smile more.

Very simple yet one that most people often forget to do—smiling. A bright smile radiates beauty, kindness and positivity. If smiling is infectious, it is the kind that we want to spread to many.

So this year, you may want to exert more conscious efforts to improve on the smiling department. You can start by practicing the kind of smile that perfectly suits you, in front of the mirror. And when you smile, make sure you smile genuinely. A good smile they say is one that reaches the eyes and comes from the heart. Look how these people are having such a great time sharing some good smiles during one of One Click Events\’ Photo Booth moments:


Why is smiling a good new year’s resolution? Because when you smile, you give a reason for other people to smile too. The more you smile, the younger you will look as well.

New hobby.

There is always something that we have been keen on doing but have not done so for some reasons. A new hobby, or an old one that you want to go back to, can be something that you hope to start this year.

One good thing about starting a new hobby is that your options are limitless. You can do biking, hiking, baking, cooking, crocheting, planting, farming… and the list just goes on depending on your interest. A new hobby can also be a gateway for you meeting new people and having new friends who share the same interests as yours.


Most people also find having a good hobby sort of therapeutic. It eases your mind of worries and stress. It can serve as an unwinding process at the end of a tiring and stressful day or week.

Why is starting a new hobby a good new year’s resolution? Because it gives you the opportunity to do something that you will enjoy and at the same time, enrich your emotional and social well-being.


Which ones of these you think you need to start committing to now? You think you can keep them up for the rest of the year? Comment or give us a feedback by the end of the year about which ones you were able to practice and which ones you failed miserably on doing. Having one of these integrated in your daily lifestyle will be one big achievement, and we will surely cheer for you!

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