FAQs for Photobooths

We are a company that offers different types of photobooth that suits your liking. We have an open booth, closed booth, mirror booth and a GIF booth that fits multiple guests at a time. We use quality professional digital SLR Cameras with quality studio lighting. We can also customise your photo layout depending on the theme of the event and you will be able to choose from our variety of backdrops available. You will then be able to get your printed photo within six seconds after having your pictures taken. It’s the fastest possible printing time for any high-quality printer in the world, so you get more prints out of the time you rented from us. Our photos are water-resistant and can last for more than a hundred years.
It’s so simple – just stand in front of our booth, wear any props that you like, and strike a pose! There will be several shots, and you can switch poses in between each picture. Once done, you will receive your picture on the spot in less than six seconds only!
We need at least 2m x 3m space in the venue to set up the photo booth. Please allow additional space for your guests to gather. Our booth requires a dedicated 220V outlet within 5m of the booth.
We only need 30 minutes to set up the photo booth for your event, and this is not included in your photobooth rental period. We usually arrive at the venue an hour prior to the start time to make sure that the operation of the photobooth is as smooth as possible.
No! It is totally free! Your guests can take as much photos as they desire!
You and your guests can take as many photos as you like within the time you rented our photo booth. One photo will be handed to the guest for each photo session. Guests can always line up again for more photos. You can avail of our double prints add-on if you want a hard copy of all the photos that were taken during your party. You can also take our multiple prints add-on if you want each guest to have a copy of the photo.
We use high quality thermal dye sublimation printer that is why the image is protected against UV light, fingerprints, and even water. There is no smudging, running, or blotching because your prints are dry and ready to touch as soon as they leave the printer.
Yes! We have a huge range of silly props to help make your OnE cLick Events experience more fun than anywhere else.
A guest book is similar to a photo album wherein your guests can stick their photos in and write their messages for you. OnE Click Events offers a guest book add-on for an additional cost.
Yes! Absolutely! We can also supply you with other things such as scissors, glue stick, pens and an attendant to help your guests in sticking the photos in the book together.
Yes! We will provide you a DVD of all the wonderful wacky photos taken during your event. We can also provide you with a One Click USB at an additional cost.
You and your guests can visit our website at www.oneclickevents.com.au or visit our Facebook Page to view all of the pictures from your event. Most of us have a Facebook account and having our gallery in Facebook makes it easier for you to tag your photos. We will not post any photos that we deem inappropriate and you can also request the removal of any photos from your event that you dislike.
Your high-resolution photos will be uploaded within 24 hours in our website gallery and Facebook page.
Two members of our trained OnE cLick team will attend your event and take care of the booth and your guests for the entire length of hire. We assure excellent and friendly service from our staff, and a hassle-free and fun experience for you and your guests.
Typically, the standard number of hours is ranging from three to five hours. The minimum is three hours rental time on a weekend.
Let our on-site staff know before the end of the original schedule so we can arrange the terms for the extension.
We advise that you book as soon as possible, as we are receiving bookings for the next year already.
Complete our booking form and pay a deposit. Confirmation email will be sent to you upon receipt of your booking form and money.
Yes, a deposit of $200.00 is payable to secure your booking. The full payment is due 10 days prior to your event. Payment can be made via bank transfer.
One Click Events is based in Melbourne and can travel to most places in and around the city. An additional fee is charged if the location of the venue is more than 30 kilometres away from the CBD.
We are happy to assist and address all your concerns. Please send us an email at [email protected].

GIF Booth

A GIF is an animated photo wherein the photo is moving. In our case, it’s a series of photos that has been taken and collated together to create a moving photo.

The usual photobooth takes around three or four photos then it gets printed afterwards.

The GIF Booth takes a series of photos and creates a looping three-second clip. The output will then be shared to you via SMS or to you e-mail which you can then post to your social media accounts.

A WiFi access is needed in order for us to send the output to you as quickly as possible. However, in cases where WiFi is not available, we can send the GIF within 24 hours after the event to the GIF participants that requested GIFs.
Nope! It’s a simple, stand-alone photobooth that uses battery power, making it ideal for outdoor events.
Guests can instantly send the animated GIF directly to their smartphone via text message. From there, they can download and share on Facebook, other social media platforms, or to wherever your heart desires. They can even view GIFs from the same event!
Yes, your company, organization, or event-specific branding can be featured at every user touch point:
  • The main featured logo with a link to your website
  • A smaller logo overlay on GIFs made during the event
  • The event guest email request (optional)
  • In the short custom text message that users receive after recording their GIF
  • A hashtag specific to your event
No, it has a thick monopod design, and needs only about 3m x 3m space. We recommend setting aside 6m x 4m space to allow room for guests to mill around the face of the GIF Booth!
The GIF Booth comes with an “attendant” but it does not require super close babysitting. The GIF Booth has an iPad at the centre. Guests simply touch the screen, it records an animated GIF, and guests enter their phone number to receive the GIF. There is no need for an attendant to stand right by the booth.
No, the GIF Booth is unique compared to other photo booths because it lets guests instantly save GIFs to their phone and share the photos on social media.
Well, yes and no. As standard, no it doesn’t, but optionally, we can set it up so guests can choose between doing a GIF session and a regular photo booth session.
Yep. We can add your brand or name on the GIF that will be created.
Yes! We have a variety of fun props that you can wear, and digital filters can also be applied upon taking the GIF photo.
Yes, we will send you the link of all images taken at the booth, be it still photos or GIFs.
Once a guest makes their GIF, they will immediately have the option to share it to their phone via SMS or email. From there, they get a link to a micro-site where they can view the GIF and share it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or even download it).
Yes, they will! GIFs are ridiculously fun to make. Our operator will explain to your guests how it all works.
A Boomerang GIF is a quick burst of 20 or so photos that make a short 2 second GIF that plays forwards, then backwards.
A standard GIF is 3 individual photos that are put together to make an animation.

Flipbook Booth

Our flipbooks are a small book with a series of pictures. When the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures animate your seven-second video clip shot at our mobile flip book studio.
It’s as big as a standard business card.
We request an indoor 4m x 4m area but can be slightly flexible depending on the layout of the venue. We also need one nearby standard wall outlet. The tables needed will be provided by us.
  • A 4m x 4m area where we can set up our mobile studio for the Flipbook
  • A person or group of people stand in front of the camera with or without props.
  • A seven-second video is recorded while your guests dance, play with props, hold up signs, blow kisses, or just be themselves.
  • Once they review their performance and like it, we convert the seven-second video into 60 frames, print it, cut it, and bind it into a Flipbook on the spot!
  • When your guests flip their Flipbooks, they’ll see the short video they created and leave your event with a memento that they will want to share over and over again! Check out our video gallery to see samples of our team in action!
  • It’s that simple. The whole process just takes minutes! Your guests will forever have a customized keepsake that will brighten their day for years to come!
Yes, we do. However, we need covered protection from the sun, wind, and rain. Computers and printers have difficulty operating at a certain temperature, so please keep this in mind. Please let us know if you would like us to be outdoors when you request a quote, so we can plan accordingly to accommodate for different conditions.
Let’s just say, as many people as you can fit into our display in under seven seconds!
We will gladly print duplicate copies of Flipbooks IF there isn’t a line of people waiting at the event. By doing so, we optimize our production, please your guests, and keep the party going.
For our unlimited packages, it’s 1 book per video, if they want to have more copies they can take another video. For fixed and big party packages, they can have multiple copies of the same video depending on how the celebrant wants to disburse the flipbooks.
For pricing or an individualised quote, please refer to our package page or inquire at [email protected]