New Photo Booth Experience: On-Site Mug Printing!

Who would have believed that it was only late last year, in our tradition of bringing innovative experiences to our valued clients, when One Click Events introduced the first and only Mug Booth in Australia? Today, barely a year after its debut, our Mug Booth is taking Melbourne’s event scene by storm!

It was in the early December of 2021 when our Mug Booth first appeared in a One Click event for an end of year celebration.

After a long period of partying drought, we knew we needed to offer our trusting clients something new, something to elevate their photo booth experience. With this in mind, we carefully looked into what event goers will find really interesting.

We knew the printed photos are always a hit, because as what we always say, they are not just random colored print-outs, they are actually printed memories—special moments that guests can take home with them. So we were not ready to let the print-outs go, never mind if we knew all kitchen fridge, office cork boards, locker doors, closet walls, or what have you, of so many people, have photo booth print-outs piling up, if not yet spilling over. They were special, all of them! But how do we set them apart when there are too many of them that we have collected over the years already?


We knew we needed a welcome change. And one morning, over a hot cup of coffee, the idea just presented itself. Over a hot cup of coffee!

Who does not enjoy a hot coffee (or tea) the morning after a great party? How wonderful would it feel to have a piece of that happy memory, still as vibrant until after the event is over, right there at your breakfast table? And yes, without worrying that spilling something on it would ruin that treasured souvenir! Who would not want to have their photo booth experiences be printed on souvenir mugs?!

That breakfast table idea gave birth to our Mug Booth. With mugs being one of the hottest items in our custom-printing services arm, One Prints, we just felt it will be a great compliment to the photo booth experience that we offer.

It was indeed a welcome addition, as bookings for Mug Booth started coming in few months after its launch. Some previously booked photo booth events also upgraded to have the mug-printing option. From birthdays, bat mitzvah, weddings, corporate, community or school events, we have seen nothing but satisfied looks from the booth users after seeing their photos got printed on souvenir mugs, right before their very eyes.


So if anyone would want to get mugged, make sure it will be only through One Click Mug Booth!

In case you are wondering how to book the Mug Booth for your upcoming event, or if you want to learn more about it, feel free to chat with us via our website www.oneclickevents. or visit our social media pages to check out events that have used it.

Hoping to see you in one of our future Mug Booth events!


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