One Nice Embrace

(A Mother’s Day Tribute to all One Click Events Moms)


Mother knows best— sounds cliche but is one that can also be considered a universal truth. Like who would you run to whenever you are sick, feeling lost or simply craving for a home cooked meal? She taught us our first word, guided us on our first step, captured our first smile and tucked us into bed for as many nights as we could remember. She was there to cheer for us, to help us to be the best that we can be and even to cry with us during tough times, with or without our knowledge. And though we sometimes become too busy to keep in touch, she would always answer our calls on the first ring. She simply knows us best!

At One Click Events, we are so fortunate to have seen so many different characters a mother can play. At times they can be sweet, sometimes funny, they can be quiet or loud, but they can also be serious and firm when necessary. We cannot say we have seen them all, because we know there are so many equally interesting and lovable aspects of a mom we have yet to see. We can only testify as to how much love and care we see in their eyes every single time, making us agree all the more that all mothers are supermoms.

These supermom characters can actually be likened to some professional jobs, hence we hear people say that being a mom is a full-time job, requiring 24/7 work schedule, with no rest day nor leave credits. Since it is their special day, join us as we pay tribute to the many different “jobs” we usually see moms do during our events:

Reliable Backroom Support

Moms would sometimes want to be low key but this does not mean they will fall short in giving their unwavering support. They ensure their presence is felt by their sons or daughters but would not want to steal the spotlight from them. We usually see them giving long tight embraces and words of guidance and encouragement behind the scenes. They would usually ask how they can help but would never go overboard and let their children decide on what they like best.

Guest Relations Manager

There are times when moms themselves help receive guests and entertain them. Moms are gifted with sense of humor, that even without trying, they are able to give some good laugh to the guests and add life to the party. They know their children’s friends and co-workers or can simply establish rapport with them just few minutes into the conversation. They would often remind everyone to chill and relax. They make entertainment easier and can lessen the pressure that their sons or daughters would have to bear.


Their wit and rich life experiences come in handy all the time. Supermoms are cool under pressure and invibe style and elegance, making them the perfect party advisers. They are usually inspirational and their children look up to them as they provide much needed guidance and wisdom. They would give well-thought-of speeches and advice. They have certain standards that make any event seamlessly and wonderfully executed.

Hardworking Administrator

We usually see moms who definitely want to have the dream event for their children. They do not mind having to roll up their sleeves and do some leg work themselves in order to make their children feel special. They know the details and are very much involved in all aspects of the event. They are usually equipped with ideas and are ready to give helpful directions. They provide lifelines when their sons or daughters are already too swamped with everything that is going around. They are real life-savers!


Without doubt, these roles that we see during events are also parallel to how caring and dedicated these moms are, in guiding the lives of their children. It has been our pleasure to have met a lot of moms through our events; a privilege to have captured through our lenses the shared happiness between children and their mothers; and a precious gift to have witnessed pure and unconditional love in every photo of them that we print, making us feel always close to home.

So on their special day, we challenge everyone to give One Nice Embrace to your moms. Be it a real long and warm hug, or a virtual one for those who are miles away from their mothers, they would surely feel how much we appreciate and value the roles they play in our lives. And from all of us here at One Click Events, Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful Moms!

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