Photobooth Options to Explore while Staying at Home

A couple of months ago, who would have thought that the world will be in this situation? People are asked to stay at home, mass gatherings are prohibited, schools are closing, flights are being cancelled and supermarkets are running out of the basics like toilet paper!

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed changed everyone’s lifestyle in an instant. The events and entertainment industry is one of those taking a hard hit from what this pandemic has brought to the world. Despite being in this line of business, One Click Events aims to remain hopeful. While it is but responsible to contribute the best way we can by staying at home, we can also make the most of it by being productive nonetheless. So we thought of sharing a way by which you can make your time at home more worth it. Although your next event will have to wait, getting ready and planning for it this early will not hurt. You may want to start checking out photobooth options you would not know you have, if not for this extra time off your regular busy schedules. We are making it easier for you by consolidating the primers of the following photobooth options for you to explore while staying at home:

This traditional, enclosed photo booth provides both privacy and excitement to your party. Here, guests will have the freedom to do whatever poses they could think of, without reservations, because of the full private layout of the booth. At the same time, the booth structure builds up the curiosity for other guests to want to discover what awaits inside and try it as well.

Taking a spin from the traditional closed booth, the open air booth provides flexibility and appeal. It gives more room for your guests since there is no enclosure that will limit the space between the camera and your chosen backdrop, making it ideal for those wanting to take photos by groups. On top of that, it serves as additional attraction to your other guests as they can watch the fun that goes on in the booth.

Thinking of gimmicky party entertainment and leveling up the fun, then all you need is the Mirror-Me Booth. How it works gives every guest to a magical treat. The magic mirror is complete with colorful animations and voice guidance sure to engage anyone to an interactive selfie experience. The red carpet set-up allows for that wow factor to really elevate the vibe of your party.

If you and your party cannot just keep still and stop moving, then Flipbook Booth is the one for you. It will not force you to strike a single pose and hold it for few seconds. On the contrary, it will need you to keep moving for a seven-second video. This video will then be printed to a Flipbook of photos that will allow you to see the motions as you flip its pages. Definitely a one of a kind keepsake for your attendees.

Say goodbye to stills and hello to animated photos! This GIF BOOTH allows you and your guests to come up with hilarious GIFs that are readily uploadble to your social media accounts or can be sent out via sms or emails. It can simply play with your guests’ minds and bring out their creativity as they create their own GIFs.

The newest offering from One Click, the first of its kind in Australia, Photo Mug Booth offers on-site printing of photos directly to souvenir mugs. We know just how special it feels to receive party favors that are personalized per guest. This booth made it possible by combining the photo booth experience with a personalized mug where photos will be printed on right there and then!

A dream come true for magnet collectors, the Magnetic Photo booth is another new offering from One Click, where photos are printed on 3×4 inches magnetic boards. You cannot go wrong with magnetic photos as they are not just decorative but practical as well. Now, there is no way to lose the print outs because they can easily be attached to any metal surface, or they can even help in sticking some important notes on your fridge door. Widen your souvenir magnet collections with one containing glimpse of your very own event.

The party fun is undoubtedly endless with all these photobooth options. Though still in the middle of a challenging time, we wish for this pandemic to be over real soon, and go back to our normal way of life where getting together with our family and friends will cause not harm, but joy. We wish for us to be able to take part to our clients’ celebrations once again. We look forward to seeing back happy faces over good food and good company. While COVID-19 has already taken from us some valuable time, let us not allow it to take away our hopes and dreams. We, at One Click Events, continue to pray for the world’s quick recovery and for everyone to remain safe and healthy.

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