We Have Invented a Time Machine!

Have you ever been to a party where guests flock into a photobooth to have their souvenir photos taken? Ever wondered why these photobooths have been a staple to almost every party you attended in recent years? Have you seen how much thrill your family or friends get whenever they rush to change wigs, hats, eyeglasses or other accessories before striking a perfect pose, as if traveling through time and visiting different places in every change of costume or whatnot?

Yes we did invent a time machine, only in the guise of a photo generating booth!

Undoubtedly, photobooths have the power similar to that of a time machine, or even a teleport portal, which is one of the reasons why events guests are always delighted to be in them! While documentation traditionally comes in the form of photo albums printed days after an event, photobooths now have a power to elevate every magical moment by playfully adding creativity to a rather plain photo memorabilia. Who would not love to see themselves dressed in a 90’s costume in a photo souvenir; or wear their hair afro style or dyed in green, pink or shimmering gold; or imagining to be in a masquerade by shuffling colorful masks and silly glasses? More than the entertainment, it creates unforgettable memories of crazy ideas and silliest poses that will be remembered more so because they are captured in photos that guests can bring home with them right after the event.

There are several kinds of photobooth, the traditional closed or open air booths, then there are the fancy mirror booth, the techie gif booth and many other variations like the green screen, magnets and mug booths among others. In 2019, around thousands of services booked with One Click Events were all for photobooths, that is how popular they have become!

This year though, we have faced a global challenge with the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to still cater to our clients while at the same time prioritize everyone’s health and safety, some changes have to be made in our photobooth services. The use of closed booths are temporarily suspended but with the more popular open air and mirror booths, clients still have a plenty of options. While the props and costumes will also have to go for now, we are thankful to have virtual props that users can incorporate in their photos. Our photo walls are also available to match any party theme and can make up for the absence of props, with it lively colors and standout visuals. And of course, our personalized layout will make it possible for clients to give their own touch and style preference to the photo print-outs.

While the idea of a photobooth anchors on having souvenir photos from an event, it also rides with the breakthrough in social media as photos become available online as part of the package. With the restrictions in mass gathering and events, where the number of guests are made limited, having photos readily available in social media make it easier to still reach out to your friends and family whom you want to share your celebration with.

Feeling like you want to experience to travel through time or go visit different places at once? If you are still contemplating on whether to get one for your next party, here is a full list of services and freebies that comes with the package:

  • Rent of all necessary photobooth equipment
  • Use of fully automated photobooth with live view feature
  • Use of state-of-the-art printer that prints in only 6 seconds
  • Unlimited high resolution photos (post card or strips)
  • Personalized design on your photos
  • Unlimited photo standees (for post card size only)
  • Unlimited high resolution photos
  • Choice of standard backdrops
  • Two (2) on-site friendly & professional attendants
  • USB archive of all photos printed during the event
  • Use of fun accessories
  • Online gallery (FB & Website)

To learn more about photobooth or any of our other services, please visit our website www.oneclickevents.com.au or follow us at Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/one.click.events/ or visit our page in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oneclickevents/

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