Your Photobooth Experience Under the New Normal

First and foremost, we wish that everyone who is reading this is safe and well amidst the complexity that the world is facing right now. The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed taken its toll on all of us. It feels like we were robbed of several precious weeks or even months. Our daily routine and our lives in general were shaken. While there were some improvements in “the curve” these past weeks and we all try to go back to some level of normalcy, the virus is still there and we all ought to act responsibly lest we will face another wave or spike in the number of new cases. This is also why certain precautions such as social distancing and frequent hand washing now become part of our “new normal”.

While our government continuously tries to manage the impact of this pandemic, almost all industries were deeply hurt by the restrictions that had to be put in place inevitably. The travel industry might be on top of the list, but the events industry where we belong as One Click Events, was also badly hit. Mass gatherings were suspended, weddings had to be postponed, school events were cancelled… it was like our lives paused while the earth had to do some rebooting.

Thankfully, we all see a gleam of hope now that our numbers are getting better with the high rates of testing and low levels of community transmission. Some businesses will be allowed to operate come June 1, and gatherings such as weddings, will then be allowed to have maximum of 20 guests on top of the couple and the celebrant.

Though still far from what we used to, it is still better than nothing! How do we cope now? At One Click Events, we believe that the best way to rise up against this pandemic is to be strong in our faith and in our determination to recover fast and strong. So we take the littlest opportunity to bounce back and try to grow from it albeit gradually.

While the safety and health of our clients and of every member of our team remain as our top priority, we thought of ways by which we can deliver our services to you while responsibly following Covid-19 safety measures. What can you now expect on your photobooth experience under the new normal? Here are some of the things that will now form part of  One Click Photobooth services:

Minimal Face to Face Meetings

We have been working to improve and upgrade our website and now it is ready to help minimize the need for face to face meetings at our initial engagement. You can easily browse through the services and products we offer, see sample pictures, chat with us if you have questions and make your bookings directly from our website while you are at the comfort of your home or office.

Temporary Suspension of Closed Booth

As we practice precautions and social distancing, we are temporarily suspending the use of closed booth. All existing bookings will be given options to upgrade for free to open air booths, or GIF booth whichever will be available on their event date. Mirror booth which is very popular are also available for an additional fee.

Use of Virtual Props

Wearable and hand-held props will have to be discontinued for now. We will be maximizing the use of virtual props which were actually enjoyed by most of our guests in the past. Use of virtual props is usually greeted with delight as it brings out creativity and playfulness of users.

Self-service Option

All our booths are self-service ready. We are giving an option to clients to have unmanned booths to keep the number of people in the venue at the minimum. This means users can operate the booths themselves, though we will still have standby technicians that can assist just in case an issue with the equipment arises or changes in settings are needed. We are also working on having QR codes to be used in activating some of our booths for contact-less interface.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Photobooth Materials and Equipment

It has always been a part of our standard processes to ensure all our materials and equipment are properly cleaned before and after use for any event. With the COVID-19 now in mind, we have further enhanced our processes to ensure we sanitize everything that may come in contact with anyone during an event. For self-service booths, the user interface area of the booth is sanitized after every user. We make sure alcohol spray and wipes are provided so that each user can practice proper hygiene before and after using the booth.

On-site Precautions 

On top of ensuring cleanliness of our equipment and materials, we will also practice precautions during the event itself. All our personnel are trained to maintain cleanliness of the booth. Users will be asked to practice social distancing while on queue as they wait for their turn to use the booth. Floor markers will be used to guide guests and signages with gentle reminders will also be put near the booth.


It may be very different from what we used to see in our photobooths, but these are just small adjustments to protect and ensure the well-being of everyone. Will it still be worthwhile then given the restrictions?

Yes. We are making sure the experience of having a photobooth in your event, no matter how small your party is in terms of attendees, will remain to be memorable and meaningful.

One Click Events also offers other services that will help make your small party impactful and meaningful. For instance, we have DJs for additional entertainment, even as you opt to do away with dancing, our DJs can still liven up the party by providing good music to keep everyone entertained. We also have videographers and photographers for full party documentation which becomes more important now so that you can still share the joy of your event with more of your friends and family who could have been there but you had to cut on headcount given the restrictions.

To know more about One Click Events and our offerings, you may visit our website or you may also keep up with us through our daily updates by following our IG account and visit our FB page

We continue to wish everyone good health and look forward to being part of your events soon!

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