It’s the third month of the year, March it is, yet we feel like 2020 is just getting started! From New Year’s Eve parties, to adorable January weddings, to colorful CNY celebrations and Love month birthdays and sports events, we are definitely on a roll for an amazing year! One Click Events have just jumpstarted the year with so much energy and excitement to make more beautiful memories with you.

In our tradition of capturing your colorful moments and making longer lasting memories through high-quality photographs, elevating your events with styles that are sure to catch the breath of everyone in attendance and ensuring we put as much heart as our clients do in every occasion you allow us take part of, we bring you something that will put a story behind every breathtaking photo and words to capture the emotions beneath an astonishing shot. We are delighted to share with you the birth of One Click Blog, where we expand the stories of love, triumph and inspiration that we gather from the events we cover, beyond photographs.

You are up for a treat as we will provide you with a free pass to some of the coolest and memorable events in Melbourne by sharing not just photos from our events, but also the stories behind them. Get the latest trends and party ideas as we walk you through the details that make a celebration extra special. See the world through our lenses and experience the same feelings captured with them as we narrate the emotions we witness behind the camera. Plus, get the latest offerings from One Click Events ahead of everyone else as we share the newest products and services we plan to integrate in our portfolio.

An access pass, an events planning insider, a free ride to amazing discoveries — all in just One Click. Follow our blog at or you may also keep up with us through our daily updates by following our IG account and visit our FB page

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