2021 Celebrations: What a ONEderful Year!

Another year passed and we are counting the days or actually just hours, before we welcome the New Year! What happened during the last 12 months and what can we say about this year that will soon be a was and take its part in our rich history? What makes it a year of celebrations despite the adversities?

We started 2021 relatively slower as we were coming from a year where we witnessed what we never imagined we would in this lifetime, the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, this pandemic stalled us from doing what we were all used to be doing with our normal lives, almost paralyzing the entire world by preventing most of our social activities. Albeit worried that it would continue to hamper our daily lives, we greeted 2021 with a hopeful heart. We chose to leave behind the shadows of fear that the pandemic brought to us.

The events industry was hit badly the previous year due to the series of necessary lockdowns and cancellations of social gatherings. So when we entered 2021, we were glad whenever there were short windows that would open, when restrictions were lifted and parties would be allowed. As early as the first few months of the year, One Click Events started regaining some of our events bookings. Aside from photobooths, our flower walls, party backdrops, giant lawn games and light up letters and numbers became very popular too. Though there were still some weeks or even months when lockdowns were implemented during the year, we still managed to make the most of it by focusing on things that we could control. Hence the introduction of new backdrops and party packages. Indeed, the year calls for a celebration for the unique kind of adventures it offered. Allow us to bring you down memory lane with us and once again savour the sweet moments we have had this year with our series of Celebrations in 2021.

Celebrations of Love

A colourful and lively Jago ceremony started our celebrations of love in January, with our GIF booth getting back at work, perfectly complemented with the Pretty in Pink flower wall that made its appearance for the first time after months of hiatus.

Weddings followed from then until the succeeding months of the year. We were glad to have witnessed the joy and love of our One Click couples: Kristine & Dane, Brittney & Tristan, Brent & Gianna, Maycy & Steven, Chantal & Matthew, Travis & Wei, Lara & Dwayne, Wiza & Macy, Mev & Chatay, Phong & Calantha, Sharee & Travis, Matt & Kailey, Matt & Nicky, Michael & Jaclyn, David & Jess, David & Jennifer, Betul & Suleyman, Alvin & Tiwi, Myrthel & Sandeep, Mia & John, Caitlin & James, Jem & Moonie, Dalin & David, Tanya & Roy, Michael & Audrey, Marina & Joseph, Valentino & Marissa, Mimi & Kealan, Lisa & Sharon, Jerwin & Monica and Aleksandra & Marek.

Aside from weddings, we also witnessed love during the sweet and romantic engagement of Hosea & Levenia and the 25th Wedding Anniversary of Simmi & Praveen.

We wish you all the best in your journey as a couple now that you are ONE and together for the rest of your lives!


Celebrations of Life

We were treated to a number of parties as we celebrated life with baby showers, birthdays from 1st to 80th, B’nei Mitzvah and all kinds of celebrations and thanksgiving for being blessed with wonderful years to be with loved ones, family and friends.

Ashley’s 18th birthday started the celebration this year as she was welcomed to the crazy beautiful world of the adults. Our light up numbers, photobooths and temporary airbrush tattoos became part of the fun birthday celebrations for Eann’s 18th, Keith’s 1st, Sareena’s 50th, Zoya’s 80th, James 50th, Lima’s 22nd, Dion’s 21st, Ross’ 40th, Kalinda’s 30th, Gloria’s 21st, Emmanuel’s 18th, Regina’s 21st, Jay’s 30th, Anwita’s birthday, Aida’s 75th, Ally’s 30th, Manuela’s Forty1th, Larissa & Nadine’s 30th, Neil & Arlene’s 50th, Tram’s 21st, Andreu’s 1st, Amitie’s 10th, Kyah’s 5th, Abraham’s 6th, Elisha’s 3rd, Omeng’s 50th, Tanya’s 50th, Boran’s 21st, Alyann’s 18th, Paige’s 21st, Zoe’s 21st, Cooper’s 21st, Tom & Noah’s 18th, Manveet & Khushee’s 18th and Emmelyn’s 30th.

We also joined the fun at Arlo’s baby shower and some great B’nei Mitzvah for Abi, Toby, Faith, Max, Ashley, Sasha, Ricky, Elise & Lani, Bella, Hila and Mia.

No matter what age, your years of sharing your life with the people around you will always be worth celebrating. We wish you more years of celebration and ONEderful moments.


Celebrations of Milestones

The beautiful world of events made us thankful to be staying in this industry especially as we take part in celebrating milestones of individuals, families and communities. We have had a good number of celebrations for achievements made and goals reached this year. From school events such as graduations, annual ball and sportsfest, to community events such as exhibitions, baby fairs, bridal fairs, fun run and tournaments and to corporate events such as awarding ceremonies, anniversaries and parties. Our December was made especially busy with the Christmas parties we have celebrated with different teams and families.

As a team, One Click Events also celebrated a couple of recognitions we received from Easy Weddings and Parties& Celebrations as top Events Supplier, and another nomination from ABIA weddings. We consider all of these as BIG wins not just for our team and our partners but more so for the entire events industry, that we remain strong and continue to support one another in the middle of the pandemic challenges. Let us continue celebrating each accomplishment, big or small, as these milestONEs contribute to a better us, a better team and a better future we all wish for.


Indeed, when we look back at the year that was, we can really say that we have so much to be grateful for. For those who have chosen us to be part of your celebrations this year in ONE way or another, a big THANK YOU! You are more than just a client to us, you are actually part of what One Click Events is now.

Here’s to wishing you and your family an even greater, safer, healthier, more eventful and more ONEderful 2022! Cheers!

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