5 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider an Intimate Wedding

Things do happen for a reason, and they do not always go as planned. Easier said than truly accepting it, especially when it is your wedding day we are talking about.

How many couples had to cancel or move their wedding dates due to the uncertainty of the world’s current situation? We hate to rub it in, but postponing a wedding to a new date you cannot even pinpoint at the moment can be very frustrating. When you have been looking forward to finally get married and spend the rest of your lives together, we understand how hard it is for you to have to wait until everything goes back to normal. More so when it is unclear when it will happen. This is one of the reasons why we see some couples throw away their original wedding plans and proceed with a rather intimate ceremony in order for the wedding to push through.

Is it worth it?

When you spent months of preparation for your dream wedding, prepared every single detail from decors to favors, and laboriously listed down and invited the special people you want to be there and witness the most important day of your lives, will it be worth it to discard all those preparations and instead go for a simple and intimate wedding? Some couples have actually done it.

Having been in the events industry for years, we have seen so many happy couples on their wedding day. That being said, we are not talking only of grand and well-attended weddings. We have seen equally happy and exhilarated couples coming off an intimate celebration with only selected family members and few closest friends as guests. It may be a matter of preference, but it does not mean it cannot work for those who originally wanted a grand wedding. We have listed some of the advantages of having an intimate wedding celebration that will make couples seriously consider going for it.

  1. Quality Conversations over Quantity

Imagine having a hundred guests or more, do you think you will be able to have deep and serious conversations with them on your wedding day? Chances are, you will say quick hellos and receive well wishes and congratulatory messages from them in a rush because you have to attend to all your guests and make sure you have at least greeted everyone who are in attendance. Whereas in an intimate gathering, you are sure to have a lot of time talking about future plans, receive well meaning advice and share details of your journey with people who are closest to you. Though you want the world to witness your making a decision of committing to one another, you can only share your most cherished emotions with those who are dearest to you.

  1. Value for Money

Big weddings are beautiful, but they can be expensive too. Although expensive is relative, surely almost every couple has to work within a given budget. The good thing about small weddings is that you can reallocate your funds and spend on those that would last or have more meaningful impact. For instance, your budget for the big number of invitees can be rather spent to have a more expensive set of rings that you will wear forever. What you will save from letting go of enormous floral arrangements can instead be reallocated to getting a full photo and video coverage to capture every single moment of that special day, for everyone to watch or look at thereafter.

  1. Focus on What Really Matters

A grand wedding, having many aspects to consider and buckets to fill in, can be tedious and tiring. At times, without the couples realizing it, they are taken away from what the wedding day is really all about. One of the main advantages of having an intimate wedding is that it helps you focus on the act itself, of getting married to that one person you chose to spend the rest of your life with. Instead of getting distracted by loud cheers, waving to friends left and right or wondering if everyone is having a good time, you can focus on your emotions, looking at the eyes of your husband or wife and sharing a magical moment that will guide you to forever.

  1. Room for Innovation

It is time to move on from what you have originally planned for to something that have not been done before. There are a lot of new ideas you can do to make your small private wedding as memorable as it can be. For instance, if you really want your family and friends to have a part on it, you can go for a drive-by wedding parade. This may be new for a wedding, though some have done this to celebrate birthdays in a festive way while following social distancing and mass gathering restrictions. The newlyweds can sit for an hour near the driveway where they can wave to greeters who will drive by to cheer for them from their cars. Curbside food, cake to go and wedding giveaways can be readily picked up. You can even move it a notch higher and have and drop off photobooth by the driveway to snap photos of your “guests” as they drive by. Unlimit yourself, try to come up with more innovations and you will be surprised by how equally exciting this wedding can be.

  1. Big Celebration can Await

While you may opt to proceed with an intimate wedding for now, you can always celebrate it big when the situation gets better. The pressure will then be out of the equation because by then, you are already married and can focus on having fun and sharing your newlywed stories with your family and friends.

Whether you will decide to proceed with an intimate wedding for now or wait until you can have your dream wedding, always remember that only you can define your own happiness. A wonderful journey of being husband and wife is ahead of you. From One Click Events, we wish you nothing but true happiness and a wonderful married life thereafter.

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